Mea kakoʻo - Our Sponsors

To All of Our Sponsors

To every one of our generous sponsors: take a bow! You are all a big deal each in your own way. Don’t believe me? Ask any of our tens of thousands of keiki hula dancers over the last 50 years, our Kumu Hula who enjoy a stage to showcase their work, a place for our kūpuna to embrace music and dance, the countless friends and family members who support hula, our community at-large who embrace authentic Hawaiian culture, our cultural knowledge keepers who share their ʻike with the next generation, our fashion designers who have carved a couture niche in fashion, the Hawaii State Archives that preserves our past for the future, and the generations of hula dancers of all ages who will follow in our footsteps because of you, our sponsors.

You provide money that helps us maintain and manage our events, you provide books for education and fashion to make us look good, you provide a television platform so we can share the beauty of Hawaiian culture with the world, you get us there (our travel partner Hawaiian Airlines), you help us create digital libraries that will perpetuate authentic Hawaiian knowledge and culture for researchers, students, cultural practitioners, and you encouraged us to continue to forward even through COVID.

It has been said that..

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others.” (Cicero)

Cheers to that and Mahalo nui loa! to all of our amazing sponsors!