About Kalihi-Pālama Culture & Arts

Kalihi-Pālama Culture & Arts office located in the old Oahu Railway & Land Company Terminal Property in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi.

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The Kalihi-Pālama Culture & Arts Society, Inc. (KPCAS) is a non-profit community-based organization with a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status and is located in the old Oahu Railway & Land Building in the Kalihi-Pālama District. Built in 1914, the building was used for offices and document storage. The Society was first organized under the Model Cities Program and incorporated in 1972 for the purpose of providing education, training, and services in the area of culture and arts. Although KPCAS’s primary target is the underprivileged population residing in the Kalihi-Pālama area, the Agency has become an essential part of the Hula Community through it's Annual Keiki Hula Competition and the preservation of Hula Archives that date back 100 years.

Built in 1914, the Office & Document Storage Building is a rare surviving example of Classical Revival Style architecture in Honolulu and exhibits several of its distinctive features including an accented front door with a pediment supported by pilasters and a symmetrical façade with centered doorway. It is made of stucco-covered, reinforced concrete with a gable roof and heavy molded pediment. The OR&L Terminal Property was previously placed on the Hawai‘i State Register of Historic Places. This is an update to the original nomination form.

Reference: Historic Hawaiʻi Foundation

Our Timeline

A look back at some of our key highlights

  • 1972Established

    Founded by Kahu Wendell Silva and Nā Kumu Hula George Lanakilakekiahiali'i Nā'ope, Kalihi-Pālama Cultute & Arts Societyʻs mission was to create an organization to perpetuate Hawaiian culture through dance and by doing so teach a new generation to carry on the traditions of hula in to the future.
  • 1976Keiki Hula Festival

    Kalihi-Pālama Cultute & Arts Inaugural Keiki Hula Festival was held in Aala Park that featured multi-ethnic dance performances, Hawaiian crafts, demonstrations, a pageant of Hawaiʻi’s mōʻī wāhine and the first Keiki Hula competition.
  • 1978First Miss Keiki Hula Crowned

    Geri Lu Waikiki of Johnny Lumʻs Polynesian Dance Studios crowned First Miss Keiki Hula
  • 1983First Master Keiki Hula Crowned

    Kauʻionalani Kamanaʻo of Hālau ʻO Kamuela crowned First Master Keiki Hula
  • 1984Nāna I Nā Loea Hula Book 1

    Nānā I Nā Loea Hula Resource Book Vol One is puiblished
  • 1987First Miss Keiki Hula to win Merrie Monarch's Miss Aloha Hula Title

    Lisa Kuʻuipo Doi of Hālau O Ka Ua Kani LehuaNāna won the Merrie Monrach Miss Aloha Hula Crown being the first Miss Keiki Hula from 1978 to earn the prestigious recognition.
  • 1997Nāna I Nā Loea Hula Book 2

    Nānā I Nā Loea Hula Resource Book Vol Two is puiblished
  • 2019First Keiki Hula Live Broadcast

    First Keiki Hula Live Broadcast..
  • 2020Hawaiʻi State House of Representatives

    FEB-2020 House Resolution No. 22 Presented to Kahu Wendell Silva by the State of Hawaiʻi Senate and the House of Representatives Commending The Kalihi-Pālama Cultute & Arts Society for their service to our keiki and the Native Hawaiian Culture.VIEW RESOLUTION
  • 2020Keiki Hula Hōʻike Film

    Due to the restrictions of the Corona Virus Pandemic, the Annual Keiki Hula competition had to be canceled for the first time. Kalihi-Pālama Cultute & Arts continued the yearly event with a 4 hour film that featured many from multiple hālau. The film went on to win a Regional Emmy for it's production.

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